Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Almost walking....

[I'm playing catch up....these videos were from a few weeks ago....I'm trying to go in order since I'm a little behind on the blogging. Current videos of walking to be posted next!]

Mom came over to see the boys and played with them upstairs while I was finishing up some laundry. She called "Ramie, get your camera. I think Everson's going to take off!" He's been on the verge of walking for about 2 weeks at this point, so Mom gave him that little toy vacuum to walk behind. It almost worked! On this day, he took 3 steps in a row before he squatted down! Would he do it on video---of course not!


Everson is on the MOVE, and he loves to climb and crawl and hide. So we brought the Kangaroo Climber in from outside (after scrubbing it and getting it all "nice and shiny". Jackson wanted it to be like new before we brought it back inside for Everson! Ha!) The boys love playing on it--especially letting things fly down the slide and crashing....lovely, huh?

Nite Nite Brother

Jackson is a heavy sleeper--and Everson is a cuddler. He loves to give his brother hugs! Nite Nite Jackson!

You better Hide!

On the way home from Sea World this summer, Everson and I were hanging out in the back seat. He kept pulling his blankey up over his face, and then laughing. I asked "Are you playing peek-a-boo?" Apparently, he was! And he thought he was funny! :) Soo smart!

Cracking up!

Apparently, Jackson's crazy antics in the car one night were absolutely hysterical to my 10 month old! Adam was sitting in the back seat with them, and got it on video. Sorry they are sideways--I grabbed them from his phone and I'm not sure how to flip them!

Go Texans

Playin' Catch

Everson is OBSESSED with balls. His first word: Mama. His second word: Dada. Third word: Ball. He can find a ball ANYWHERE. If he sees one on TV, he says "Ball." If he sees one under the couch, "Ball." Pictures of balls, "Ball." Jackson was never that into playing with balls until he was a little older, so this just thrills Adam! And he favors his left hand more than his right--similar to Jackson, but more pronounced. We'll see what he ends up playing with!

Peek A Boo

Jackson and I were cleaning up the kitchen after lunch, and Everson disappeared. This is where we found him--in the dining room, under a chair. Stuck. He stayed there for about 20 minutes, and even waited while I walked up the stairs to get the Flip, and then played Peek A Boo. Very content being stuck under that chair. Who needs toys?!

Whale Tail

Our friends Jeff and Alecia got this Whale Tail for Jackson for his 2nd birthday. We don't get it out much, because during the summer, we just jump in the car and drive the 1 minute 28 seconds to Mom's pool. But on this particularly HOT day, we were getting stuff done around the house, and leaving didn't seem appealing...so we blew this bad boy up and played...until the grass clippings in the water started to drive this OCD Momma INSANE! I even went so far as to go into my kitchen and bring out my strainer!